the organizing Committee of The Federal military tactical games "ZARYA" was created By the club of Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of Russia and full Cavaliers Of the order of Glory, with the support of DOSAAF of Russia, Rosvoentsentr under the Government of the Russian Federation and the Main command of The land forces of the Russian armed forces in 2010

With the support of the top leadership of the Russian Ministry of defense, the organizing Committee of the MTI will organize training camps in military districts a series of training military-tactical games of Patriotic orientation for the age group of citizens from 14 to 50 years from various regions of Russia.

the organizing Committee of military tactical games "Zarya" with the support of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation is the largest the organizer of the international military tactical games

the organizing Committee of military tactical games "ZARYA" is included in the list of organizations of the Ground forces, conducting work on military-Patriotic education.

ZARYA Games meet the principles and approaches established by the state program" Patriotic Education education of citizens of the Russian Federation for 2016-2020" and, in accordance with the provisions Of the order of the Minister defense of the Russian Federation No. 210 dated 21.04.2016, military tactical games "ZARYA" included in the Departmental program of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation for the implementation of the state program "Patriotic education of citizens Of the Russian Federation for 2016-2020".

ZARI"s military and tactical activities are supported at the highest level in the defense sector department.

" Holding mass military tactical games that unite citizens of the Russian Federation, regardless of differences in the level of education, nationality and religion as an element of the system the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation fully supports military and Patriotic education."

First Deputy Minister of defense General of the army V. V. Gerasimov in a letter to the organizing Committee "ZARYA" from 14.07.2015 № 307/1788


Appeal of the organizing Committee "ZARYA "(ex. no. 1143 of 31.03.2016) on support of Patriotic International military-tactical games "DAWN: Day on the armor" and the establishment of the Cup of the Minister of defense of the Russian Federation for the Minister supported the winners of the games (Instruction of the Minister of defense of the Russian Federation no. N-15870 dated 26.04.2016).


Chairman of the organizing Committee of the Federal military tactical games "ZARYA" inspector General of the Ministry defense of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Council of the all-Russian public organization of veterans of the Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation army General V. F. Ermakov

Deputy Chairman and Executive Secretary of the organizing Committee "ZARYA" army General V. F. Yermakov approved Hero of the Soviet Union major General A. p. Soluyanov


Double-headed eagle - image of the sun, meaning nobility both authority. He is also considered a messenger, helper of God, executor of his will, and he is historical symbol of our state;

Kalashnikov assault Rifles - symbol of reliable Russian weapons and achievement in the defense industry;

Triangular Shield with the rising sun - character calling for victory. In Slavic myths, the rising sun of fire and power represents the sun God, and solar symbolism, calls for the help of the forces of light.


the large-Scale Patriotic project of the organizing Committee of the MTI "ZARYA" over the past years has become not only super-popular, but also socially significant, providing invaluable assistance in shaping public opinion, visual demonstration of modern The project serves the cause of peace and security of the armed Forces of the Russian Federation, both in our country and in the near and far abroad. security on earth.

IN the context of a difficult foreign policy situation and tension near the borders of Russia, the Zarya project demonstrates the level of military and political work for the benefit of the security of our country. ZARYA has been operating with a single idea for eight years ensuring the combat readiness of the Russian Armed Forces and the military security of the state under the motto "Fatherland-Army-Honor" it has managed to consolidate and unite Russian citizens of all ages regardless of their place of residence and social status.

ZARI has its own value background, which allows us to say: we are the best in organizing and conducting the largest events in the world military-tactical games of Patriotic orientation. At the same time, all events are held on a volunteer basis, not receiving financial support from the state.


We serve as a powerful lever for educating children and youth, contains targeted value orientations for all Russian citizens.

Its military-tactical activities are focused on both leadership development and education patriotism and increasing motivation for military service, promotion of a healthy lifestyle among young people conscription age and retraining of reservists, as well as social rehabilitation of military personnel who have passed "hot spots".

For this purpose, large - scale military-tactical exercises are conducted on a permanent basis, year-round training and games, including photos 16,17,18 international, at various sites and ranges of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation. U "ZARI" is a socially understandable goal-through military and tactical measures, the training of citizens of military age to serve in the army and support the skills of a particular military specialty for citizens who have completed military service in the in accordance with the needs of society and the state in the field of defense and security of the country.

Military tactical games "ZARYA" meet the principles and approaches established by the state program "Patriotic education of citizens of the Russian Federation for 2016-2020".

in accordance with the Order of the Minister of defense of the Russian Federation No. 210 of 21.04.2016, they are included in the defense Ministry"s profile program covers more than 60 thousand citizens of military age out of 57 Russian Federation subject. Among them are students and pupils of Suvorov and cadet schools, cadets military educational institutions. In General, the country is engaged in military-tactical games of Patriotic orientation about 140-150 thousand people. © General of the army V. Ermakov


when we Started holding events together with the Ministry of defense, we were forced to take into account the degree of responsibility and the resource entrusted to us allocated by our state. Changed over the years approach to security, to the study of the material and technical part of the samples involved in the events weapons, as well as experimentally introduced in eight subjects the form of clothing VKPO and the system of ranks for the organizers, which later increased discipline and participants began to perceive us and the army as one whole.

Before each of our events with the assistance of sponsored military units we carefully prepare our staff specialists, study the material part entrusted to us, prepare maps, form the headquarters of the management of the parties from the number of the most qualified participants who have passed the appropriate selection. Today we are going from ordinary Amateurs to a seriously prepared organization that is ready to defend itself if necessary borders of their homeland.

for many, we have become a standard and example in the photo 19,20,21 organization of military and Patriotic events this format. In close cooperation with the joint strategic district command, we continue to improve and improve the quality and level of their training because it depends on each of us forming an opinion and clearly demonstrating the army to the General public in the harsh reality without of course, we act as intermediaries and are the face and business card of the Federal project Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation for Patriotic education of citizens.